The Hello World CI/CD sample

Quite a few partners have build their CI/CD pipelines based on the HelloWorld CI/CD sample repository here: (the one used in the Hands On Lab –

I have just finished the upgrade of this repository to use artifacts instead of docker images. This blog post describes the changes done.


Settings.json was changed to include artifacts instead of container images. Also I have removed the alwaysPull setting, which is really designed to indicate whether or not to check if there is a newer image available – that is not needed anymore.


Create-Contailer was changed to look at the artifact setting instead of the ContainerImage setting. Furthermore, if the imagename is set in settings, it transfers this to the container to pre-build a specific image for subsequent usages.


Read-Settings.ps1 was changed to use the new settings and set devops variables accordingly.


In the pipeline, I removed the task, which performs the insider docker login and I changes the pool to use azure hosted agents.

Local-Build and AzureVM-Build and

These functions are used to simulate/run a pipeline locally or in an Azure VM. The functions have been changed to use the new settings (and cache docker images if imageName was specified)

Local-Sandbox and AzureVM-Sandbox and

These functions are used to create a sandbox container for the project locally or in an Azure VM. The functions have been changed to use the new settings (and cache docker images if imageName was specified)


Initialize is used by the functions which locally or in Azure VMs creates sandboxes or runs build pipelines to read settings and initialize values. Kind of the local version of Read-Settings.

Adopt the changes

I updated the scripts for all three versions (hybrid, 14.x and 16.x). If you haven’t modified the PowerShell scripts, you can probably just download new versions and override the old. The settings and yaml file you will have to change by hand.

The hands on lab will also be updated to adopt the changes to artifacts.

Hope this helps


Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist

4 thoughts on “The Hello World CI/CD sample

  1. Hello and thanks for the great bunch of post about CI/CD, however could you explain how do you declare a license file stored in the repos, in the pipelines variable? Hands on Lab is using a local agent if i’m not mistaken so license store locally.


  2. Hi! I do have a question here regarding dependencies. I have been trying to figure out why my builds are failing to compile. After some time i found that this example of yours increases the app build version for each run. So for the first run everything is on and works. For second run the version of “base” will be, and this will cause the compilation of the extension “app” to fail because it depends on “base” still. Note you will only get this out if you remove “base” from the build symbols folder.

    So for this example you have, should we not also increase the dependency automatically? If we have a multiple extensions that is not the same version i under stand the current code. However if we would like to increase all extensions versions to the same we should also increase the dependency version. Or am i maybe thinking about this in the wrong way?


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