NavContainerHelper doesn’t work anymore…

With a total of over 300000 downloads, NavContainerHelper is no more. As of this weekend, NavContainerHelper cannot be used to create containers anymore. There has been a lot of blog posts here on my blog and others that indicated that this day would come and now it is here… – all specific images are gone and with those all the “old” generic images, which was used by NavContainerHelper.

I will contact PowerShell Gallery to get the entry removed.

RIP NavContainerHelper, Long Live BcContainerHelper.

Shift to BcContainerHelper

The recipe for changing from NavContainerHelper to BcContainerHelper goes here:

  1. Remove all containers (Get-NavContainers | Remove-NavContainer)
  2. Uninstall all versions of NavContainerHelper (UnInstall-Module NavContainerHelper -allversions)
  3. Restart PowerShell and check that NavContainerHelper is gone (else repeat step 2)
  4. Reset Docker to factory settings (to remove all images)
  5. Remove c:\ProgramData\NavContainerHelper
  6. Install BcContainerHelper (Install-Module BcContainerHelper -force)

Hope this helps

Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist

6 thoughts on “NavContainerHelper doesn’t work anymore…

      • What I mean is, did I miss the official announcement within the last few months that February 26th was the drop dead date to convert builds over?


      • Ahh – well there hasn’t been an actual drop dead date, there has been a number of posts, tweets etc. and even the latest NavContainerHelper does print out a warning: please change.
        The thing that made this stop working was that on Friday, the images was deleted – a deletion I ordered a month ago.

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