Blogging about Wave 2

Update 2021/2/10: Microsoft stopped creating images for Docker in the summer of 2020. We now publish artifacts, which can be used to spin up containers and BcContainerHelper has replaced NavContainerHelper. This blog post reflects the old way of using NAV/BC on Docker and references NavContainerHelper, which is outdated.

Update – with the release of the public preview (described in this blog post: the NDA has been lifted.

One month ago, we started making insider builds of wave 2 available on Docker and even though the insider builds are subject to a clear NDA, I still see people blogging about features in wave 2.

Why insider builds?

Microsoft releases insider builds to partners under NDA for several reasons. We want our partners to be ready for the next version, we want feedback on specific features in the next version and we want to discuss features the next version with our partners and we do this primarily on Yammer, where we can have an open discussion.

But…, we do not ship insider builds because we want people to blog about it – yet!

You will see a lot of publicly disclosed information about wave 2 from Microsoft. The release plan (, developer focused documentation and blogs on how to work with the insider builds and you will obviously not be violating your NDA if you blog about things Microsoft already have disclosed publicly, but we suggest that you add a reference to your blog post on where you found this information and please do not grab screenshots from the insider builds and add those to your blog post.


So,… – please hold back on the blogging about wave 2 – there will be plenty of opportunity to do so after we release the product. Please give your feedback on Yammer and give your feedback and discuss your ideas with Microsoft developers there.


Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist

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