NAV 2017 CU2 on Azure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 CU2 will be released any minute now (it is being deployed to Microsoft Download Servers while I am writing this post), but for once, the Azure Image made it before the MSDN download pages.

The Image is now available in the classic portal and with The image will be available in the new portal in a few days.

Note: This blog post doesn’t describe what’s new in NAV 2017CU2, you can read about that on the NAV Team Blog.

This blog post only describes what’s new on the Azure Image.

Windows Server 2012R2 AND Windows Server 2016

The NAV 2017 CU2 public gallery image is available in two versions – one based on Windows Server 2012R2 (as all prior NAV images) and one based on Windows Server 2016.

When you query the image list for the latest NAV 2017 image – you will get the Windows Server 2016 version and will as of today deploy a demo environment based on Windows Server 2016. If you want to deploy the Windows Server 2012R2 version, you will have to go to the classic Azure Portal, locate the image and deploy it (remember the endpoints 80, 443, 7046, 7047, 7048, 49000).

There shouldn’t be a lot of differences to you, everything should still work as earlier. One small thing to note is that when you right-click a PowerShell script for the first time and select Run With PowerShell you will (as usual) be prompted for a change of execution policy:


In Windows 2016, the default answer is No (which means the script cannot run). For the DEMO scripts, you need to answer Yes to this question (which is the default in Windows Server 2012R2).

There are a lot of other changes to Windows Server 2016, which you can read more about here:

So, if you are thinking: Why does the image also come as Windows Server 2012R2? The answer is really simple: It never rains when you bring an umbrella:-)

Translations on the SharePoint Portal

When deploying a NAV 2017CU1 demo environment, some languages did have some translation errors, which caused the Financial Performance chart to not be displayed correctly. In NAV 2017CU2 this should be fixed and all charts should display correctly in all 20 country deployments.

Locale and Language on the admin user

When you deploy a German, Danish, French or other non-english versions of the demo environment, then the admin user was sometimes created with the wrong locale and language. In NAV 2017CU2, the initialize script will set the locale and the language for the admin user to the language you have specified. This can of course be changed in the User Settings dialog after installation.

Try it will deploy your NAV 2017CU2 demo environment in ~20 minutes.


Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist

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