Bugfix: Something went wrong

Update 2021/2/10: Microsoft stopped creating images for Docker in the summer of 2020. We now publish artifacts, which can be used to spin up containers and BcContainerHelper has replaced NavContainerHelper. This blog post reflects the old way of using NAV/BC on Docker and references NavContainerHelper, which is outdated.

I have had a few partners reporting a strange bug when using the Web Client in Business Central spring release. Running tests, applying configuration packages or running other long running tasks in the Web Client sometimes would result in an error stating: Something went wrong. Continue reading

Edit In Excel – bug fix and R2

If you haven’t read the 4 step walkthrough of how to Edit In Excel from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you should do so here this post is a follow up to the original posts.

I have received a number of suggestions to what you could do with the Edit In Excel and a single bug. In this post I will fix the bug and I will explain what R2 is all about.

The Bug

The bug description is, that if you take my binaries and use them on a machine without regional settings = US – you will get an exception (Thanks Waldo).

Whether this is my bug or whether Excel behaves strange I will leave to the reader, but fact is, that if I have created a VSTO template for Excel on a machine with regional settings = US – then you cannot create a spreadsheet based on that template from code if your computer is not setup the same way.

The easiest fix I found to this problem (and now somebody might say that I am a hacker) is to temporarily set the current culture to en-US while opening the spreadsheet, then everything seems to work.

So, change this line:



// Set the current culture to en-US when adding the template to avoid an exception if running on a non-US computer
System.Globalization.CultureInfo orgCulture = System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture;
System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo(“en-US”);

// Create a new spreadsheet based on the new template

// Restore culture in current thread
System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = orgCulture;

I have updated the original binaries with this fix and they can be downloaded from http://www.freddy.dk/NAVTemplate_Final.zip


One suggestion I have received a number of times is whether it is possible to save the spreadsheet with customers and be able to have a local spreadsheet connected to your NAV that you can load and work with.

So – I set out to fix this – shouldn’t be a biggy (I thought), but it turned out that there are a number of things you need to take into consideration. It isn’t a total rewrite, but it is a pretty significant change, so I decided that it was time for Edit In Excel R2.

Stay tuned – Edit In Excel R2 coming up in a few days.


Freddy Kristiansen
PM Architect
Microsoft Dynamics NAV