What is docker? What are Containers? What can I use containers for? (NAV on Docker #3)

You have probably heard that all released Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions since NAV 2016RTM now are available as Docker images on the public Docker Hub.

If not – then you have now!

But what does that mean? What is Docker and what are Containers? Continue reading

devpreview builds now also available on the Docker Hub

Saturday we posted all NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 public builds to the Docker Hub.

Today the October update of the developer preview is also on the Docker Hub to run locally, meaning that you now can choose between two options for the developer preview.

  1. http://aka.ms/navdeveloperpreview (Azure VM with NAV on Docker inside)
  2. docker run microsoft/dynamics-nav:devpreview-finus

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Troubleshooting NAV on Docker

With the release of official NAV images on Docker Hub, we will probably see a larger uptake of people trying this great technology. In this post I have included the issues people are typically running into when trying out NAV on Docker. The first two topics are only relevant on Docker CE (Community Edition), which currently is the only Docker version you can install on Windows 10. Continue reading

A small step for man kind but a giant leap for us! (aka NAV on Docker)

Some months ago, a colleague tried to convince me that Docker was the new black and I really had to look at that.

Today, we have started deploying Official Microsoft Docker Images to the Docker Hub – https://hub.docker.com/r/microsoft/dynamics-nav/ and over the next days, all CUs and all country versions for NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 will be published on Docker Hub (Please read the description at the Docker Hub site) Continue reading