Clean up after yourself Docker, your mom isn’t here!

Docker is an amazing tool.

As Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers we can spin up any version of the platform and app in minutes and use our favourite tools to work with it.

Using the layering techniques from Docker, these images will be stored on disc as efficient as possible and every time I start up a new container, it reuses the disc space and your running container just becomes another layer on top of your image.

Really really smart, but it does take up some disc space and it isn’t very good at cleaning up. Continue reading

Windows 10 and Docker Images for Business Central / NAV

It feels like a lot more, but actually it is only about one year ago, we started shipping NAV Container Images on Docker.

Business Central Containers followed shortly after and today a lot of our partners are using Docker and our images for spinning up NAV and Business Central containers to do their daily work. Continue reading

NavContainerHelper and a new Docker Generic build

Over the weekend, a new version of the NavContainerHelper (version has been uploaded to the PowerShell Gallery with a few bug fixes and a few extra functions. Also a new version of the Generic image (microsoft/dynamics-nav:generic- has been published and all NAV images (2016, 2017 and 2018) are being rebuild. Continue reading

What Docker Image is right for you?

The last year has been quite a journey for people using Docker images for Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. Images have been available in various places and private registries, navdocker, developer preview, navinsider, microsoft/dynamics-nav are just some of the terms you have run into. Continue reading

NAV on Docker or… – What’s new

As some users of NAV on Docker has noticed, the images gets rebuild from time to time. We typically rebuild all images when we have changes to the generic layer, which might be of value to users of NAV on Docker. This blog post describes what’s new since the last blog post on (December 2nd 2017). Continue reading

NavContainerHelper – Overriding scripts in NAV containers

If you haven’t read the first post about the NavContainerHelper, you should do so.

When building, running or restarting the NAV container, the c:\run\start.ps1 script is being run. This script will launch navstart.ps1, which will launch a number of other scripts (listed below in the order in which they are called from navstart.ps1). Each of these scripts exists in the c:\run folder. If a folder called c:\run\my exists and a script with the same name is found in that folder, then that script will be executed instead of the script in c:\run (called overriding scripts). Continue reading