NavContainerHelper – Overriding scripts in NAV containers

If you haven’t read the first post about the NavContainerHelper, you should do so.

When building, running or restarting the NAV container, the c:\run\start.ps1 script is being run. This script will launch navstart.ps1, which will launch a number of other scripts (listed below in the order in which they are called from navstart.ps1). Each of these scripts exists in the c:\run folder. If a folder called c:\run\my exists and a script with the same name is found in that folder, then that script will be executed instead of the script in c:\run (called overriding scripts). Continue reading

NAV on Docker version

Some of you might already know what lies behind this cryptic title, some of you might not care. This post describes what changed in the Generic image version, which today is the foundation of all images on the Docker hub and of course also of the generic image on the docker hub. Continue reading