Troubleshooting Business Central on Docker

This blog post is not really a troubleshooting guide (although there is a small TSG at the end). It is more like a brain dump of what I have seen over time and how I would approach a trouble shooting session. I have divided it into 6 sections:

  1. Dockers worst enemy (just FYI)
  2. Installing Docker
  3. Installing BcContainerHelper
  4. Creating a Business Central container
  5. Keep the script, not the Container
  6. Frequently seen docker errors

Going forward, I will add a link to this blog post to all issues on, where the answer to the issue is in this blog post.

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Troubleshooting NAV on Docker

With the release of official NAV images on Docker Hub, we will probably see a larger uptake of people trying this great technology. In this post I have included the issues people are typically running into when trying out NAV on Docker. The first two topics are only relevant on Docker CE (Community Edition), which currently is the only Docker version you can install on Windows 10. Continue reading