Symbols demystified

Over the last months, I have received a lot of questions on Symbols:

  • Why does Compile-AppInNavContainer get different symbols than VS Code?
  • When I import new objects to Business Central, why don’t I get the symbols?
  • Why do I have the Assert Codeunit twice?
  • Why can’t Business Central find the Assert Codeunit?

Just to name a few.

This blog post will try to explain how symbols works and give an answer these questions, by showing some samples. Continue reading

NavContainerHelper – Setup CSIDE development environment with source code management

Most partners have different ways of setting up their CSIDE development environments and a number of partners are also using source code management to manage their source code. I have seen a few presentations on different ways of doing this and I will try to show how Docker and especially the NavContainerHelper can be used to setup a CSIDE development environment with source code management – very easily. Continue reading