Directions EMEA 2019

Vienna is the place to be next week for NAV and Business Central professionals. Directions EMEA 2019 start Wednesday and runs through Friday.


This year seven is my lucky number, as I will be appearing in sessions a total of 7 times. If you want to avoid my sessions, then the following sessions are the ones you shouldn’t join… – if you end up joining any of the sessions, I will do my utmost to make sure you don’t waste your time.

Wednesday 14:15 in HALLE1 – MSBK039: Getting Started with Containers

This session is for people who are new to Docker or people who have experienced issues running Docker. I will have some tips and tricks for how you can get started with Containers.

Wednesday 17:30 in HALLB – MSBK041: Getting the Most Out of Containers

This session is for people who have been running Docker for some time, but would like some tips and tricks on what containers can do for them.

Thursday 14:45 in HALLE1 – MSBK026: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps

Really looking forward to host this session together with Christian Heide Damm, where we will try to paint a picture of how our partners can setup CI/CD to increase developer productivity, product quality and customer happiness.

Thursday 16:00 in L2 – MSTH143: Visual Studio Code and AL Language

In this Town Hall, we will try to answer your burning questions on how to develop apps for Business Central using Visual Studio Code and the AL Language.

Friday 10:45 in N – MSWS106: Setting Up CI/CD on Azure DevOps

If you found the CI/CD session on Thursday exciting, then this workshop will take you through how you can setup CI/CD for your own project.

Friday 13:30 in L2 – MSTH113: Town Hall: Your Solution Roadmap to SaaS

In this Town Hall, we will try to answer your burning questions about the lifecycle of an app. From designing and developing to running and upgrading. Versioning, dependencies, packaging, testing and AppSource submission.

Friday 14:30 in HALLC – MSTH123: Meet the MVPs

In this Town Hall, you will have the opportunity to meet some the the Microsoft MVPs visiting Directions EMEA 2019 and ask them questions on how they see the world. My role is purely hosting and I will try to say as little as possible.


Even though I am really looking forward to this week, I also know that Friday at 15:30 – I will say: Thank God It’s Friday and be on my way to the airport. The week following Directions is autumn vacation in Denmark – looking forward to spend some days with my family.

See you in Vienna!

Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist

A small step for man kind but a giant leap for us! (aka NAV on Docker)

Some months ago, a colleague tried to convince me that Docker was the new black and I really had to look at that.

Today, we have started deploying Official Microsoft Docker Images to the Docker Hub – and over the next days, all CUs and all country versions for NAV 2016 and NAV 2017 will be published on Docker Hub (Please read the description at the Docker Hub site) Continue reading

Directions US 2009

Directions US 2009 is over – running from 11/10 – 11/14 with a serious of deep dive sessions on Saturday. The entire event was professionally executed and the quality of everything was just great. A huge congratulations to the comity on this event, a huge congratulations to the partner community for having these events and a huge thank you from Microsoft for inviting us to be part of this.

I had the pleasure of hosting 3 sessions – one on “What’s new in NAV 2009SP1 for the developer” and 2 deep dive sessions on Web Services as the 2 final sessions on Saturday, and we actually had a pretty good number of people staying for these very last sessions.

So how did it go?

I liked the session survey’s! They had a question called: “Do I want to see this speaker again next year?” – which instead of trying to analyze other responses gives a direct indication of whether I will plan a trip to San Diego next year – I actually don’t know whether or not we will get the survey results…

If I where to grade my own performance, I would probably give me a B- for the What’s new session and an A for my deep dive sessions. When starting the What’s new session, I had a section prepared about what’s new for the user, but the majority of this was already shown in the Keynote. I decided to ask how many people attended the keynote on Tuesday – and then quickly go over the demo for the people that did NOT attend the keynote, so I did…

“How many people did NOT attend the Keynote?”

was the question – and only one single person raised his hand… (which actually was my own Manager in Microsoft – so I knew that shouldn’t do a what’s new for the user for him alone). This totally took me by surprise me and I ended up finalizing my session 10 minutes early.

The deep dive sessions went better – people where active asking questions and understanding things and I had absolutely no problem filling out 2 hours talking about Web Services – without just repeating things that everybody have seen before. The majority of the audience knew about Web Services and had also tried using Web Services before – that was very good.

I wanted to do a recording of the session and make it available here – that did not work for me. Instead I said that I would post info about all the different areas covered in the session on my blog (BTW – I was happy to see, that the majority of the audience knew my blog). The things covered in my session, which you will see as posts on my blog are:

  • Codeunit web services and data types
  • Page web services and filters
  • Extending page web services
  • Using XMLports to read and write data
  • What Company to use
  • Using NAV Web Services from
    • PHP
    • Java
    • C#
    • VB
    • VBScript
    • Javascript
    • Silverlight
    • Mobile
    • C/AL
  • Edit In Excel R2 (I actually promised that long time ago)
  • Synchronize A/D users to NAV

In the session I only had samples in PHP and Java – I will write up a end-to-end scenario and implement this in all these languages/platforms so that people can overcome the initial connection/interaction problems when using NAV Web Services.

A lot of things to do – so I better get going…


Freddy Kristiansen
PM Architect
Microsoft Dynamics NAV