Please check your version of Docker!

In Microsoft, we are constantly in search of ways to improve security for our customers. Customers must feel safe when using our services and leaving their precious data in our hands. Sometimes this requires our customers and partners to update client software and this blog post is a warning about just that. Continue reading

Upgrading to 15.x from 14.x C/AL – our NAV TechDays 2019 demo


My session at NAV Tech Days this year was together with Nikola Kukrika and we did an end 2 end walk-through of how to upgrade a code customized C/AL solution in 14.x to 15.x (AL), converting the code, upgrading the data, explaining all the pitfalls and in some cases, how to cope with missing functionality. Continue reading

Mounting a database from my online environment using SQL Server on the host

This blog post is really a combination between the last two blog posts, and As stated in the last blog post, you can only use databases of less than 10Gb in size inside the container due to SQL Express. This blog post will explain how to get past that problem. Continue reading

Mounting a database backup from my online environment inside a container

Just recently, a new functionality was enable in the Dynamics 365 Business Central admin center. The ability to request a backup. It didn’t take long before I got the first question from a partner, who asked whether they could run this locally using Docker. This blog post describes how to do just that. Continue reading

Using SQL Server on the host

I have had quite a few partners asking me how to connect a NAV / Business Central container to a SQL Server placed on the host. This is the way I started a blog post back in april here: and elegantly, I avoided to answer the question and instead described how to place the database on the host and use the SQL engine in the container. Of course this doesn’t solve the issue if you have a very large database, which SQL Express doesn’t support.

In this blog post I will try to address the original problem. Continue reading

Running Tests In Containers

Running automated tests is an essential part of any CI/CD strategy. For Business Central, we have been able to use containers and the function Run-TestsInNavContainer in the NavContainerHelper PowerShell module as described in this blog post (make sure you have read this before continuing) for 6-12 months and a lot of partners are already taking advantage of this. This blog post shows you how to get the max. out of the functions. Continue reading

Directions EMEA 2019

Vienna is the place to be next week for NAV and Business Central professionals. Directions EMEA 2019 start Wednesday and runs through Friday.


This year seven is my lucky number, as I will be appearing in sessions a total of 7 times. If you want to avoid my sessions, then the following sessions are the ones you shouldn’t join… – if you end up joining any of the sessions, I will do my utmost to make sure you don’t waste your time.

Wednesday 14:15 in HALLE1 – MSBK039: Getting Started with Containers

This session is for people who are new to Docker or people who have experienced issues running Docker. I will have some tips and tricks for how you can get started with Containers.

Wednesday 17:30 in HALLB – MSBK041: Getting the Most Out of Containers

This session is for people who have been running Docker for some time, but would like some tips and tricks on what containers can do for them.

Thursday 14:45 in HALLE1 – MSBK026: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps

Really looking forward to host this session together with Christian Heide Damm, where we will try to paint a picture of how our partners can setup CI/CD to increase developer productivity, product quality and customer happiness.

Thursday 16:00 in L2 – MSTH143: Visual Studio Code and AL Language

In this Town Hall, we will try to answer your burning questions on how to develop apps for Business Central using Visual Studio Code and the AL Language.

Friday 10:45 in N – MSWS106: Setting Up CI/CD on Azure DevOps

If you found the CI/CD session on Thursday exciting, then this workshop will take you through how you can setup CI/CD for your own project.

Friday 13:30 in L2 – MSTH113: Town Hall: Your Solution Roadmap to SaaS

In this Town Hall, we will try to answer your burning questions about the lifecycle of an app. From designing and developing to running and upgrading. Versioning, dependencies, packaging, testing and AppSource submission.

Friday 14:30 in HALLC – MSTH123: Meet the MVPs

In this Town Hall, you will have the opportunity to meet some the the Microsoft MVPs visiting Directions EMEA 2019 and ask them questions on how they see the world. My role is purely hosting and I will try to say as little as possible.


Even though I am really looking forward to this week, I also know that Friday at 15:30 – I will say: Thank God It’s Friday and be on my way to the airport. The week following Directions is autumn vacation in Denmark – looking forward to spend some days with my family.

See you in Vienna!

Freddy Kristiansen
Technical Evangelist